Chocolate Muscovy drake and ducks.

Our pastured ducks are chocolate Muscovies. We also recently added a small flock comprised of a fawn and white Indian Runner duck (mom), a Pekin drake (dad) and their mixed ducklings.

Muscovies are the only duck breed not descended from the mallard, and once you raise some, you can really see the differences. They’re very hardy, quiet, curious, and excellent foragers. The ducks lay a jumbo greenish to cream colored egg and are outstanding broodies, capable of successfully hatching many different kinds of poultry eggs.

Indian Runner and Indian Runner/Pekin cross ducks.

The Runner-Pekins are very active foragers, and are much easier to herd into their coop at night. The Pekin drake is very calm, easy to handle, and just an all-around nice guy.

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Duck eggs are larger than chicken eggs, and delicious; they’re wonderful for baking and are sought out by people who can’t eat chicken eggs. We offer eggs, hatching eggs, ducklings, and adults.

Duck egg in pottery bowl
Muscovy duck egg.