Guinea Fowl

Another new species on the farm is Guinea Fowl. We recently hatched a small group of keets and have more hatching soon. They spend their days catching crickets in their tractor, but when they’re old enough, they’ll be patrolling the pastures for other edibles. Guinea fowl are prized for their hardiness, as well as their zeal for eating ants and ticks. Since we eschew chemicals in the raising of our animals and the maintenance of our property, their ability to control pests is very welcome. Guinea fowl are also excellent guardian animals, sounding the alarm at predators and strangers. Further, they’re good layers of eggs that are slightly smaller than a medium-sized chicken egg, and their meat has been compared to pheasant.

Guinea fowl come in many eye-catching colors. Our keets appear to be pearl, pied, and slate. We plan to offer hatching eggs and keets in the future.

For more information about Guinea Fowl, see the Guinea Fowl International Association site: