Poll: What color are these rabbit kits?

Lilac or blue

Niamh, one of our black Silver Fox does, had a litter recently. We keep hoping for a lilac kit – the sire of this litter is a lilac buck, so lilac is possible. At this age, it can be difficult to tell if a kit is lilac or blue, but the difference is easy to see in the adults. Take a guess…lilac or blue?

  • Blue (100%, 1 Votes)
  • One of each (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Lilac (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 1

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Cast Iron Chronicles: The Field Skillets Have Arrived!

Field Skillet Packaging

It’s like Christmas (in June) here: the eagerly-awaited Field Skillets arrived today…in a surprisingly light box!

In an earlier post, we shared why we were looking forward to receiving the new cast iron pans. Now that we have them, we intend to put them to the test and see if they live up to the hype. Here’s what we’ve noticed upon opening the box and taking them out: Continue reading “Cast Iron Chronicles: The Field Skillets Have Arrived!”

Test Yourself: Can You Identify This Insect?

Identify this insect

We often find strange and fascinating bugs out in our pastures, and many times they’re hanging out on the tops of the rabbit tractors. Recently, we saw an interesting insect and it took us a moment to realize what it was because it was smaller than the others of its kind we’ve seen. Do you know what it is?

In case you’re stumped, here are a few hints, courtesy of gardeninsects.com: Continue reading “Test Yourself: Can You Identify This Insect?”

New Farm Denizens: White Chinese Geese

Chinese Geese

We’ve been considering adding geese to the farm for a while, and have been researching different breeds to find the one that we think will be the best fit. We’re pleased to share that yesterday, we brought three young Chinese geese home.

Why Chinese geese? They’re known to be good guardian animals because they’ll create a racket if they see something that doesn’t belong (this could be a downside if you live close to neighbors), they’re some of the best layers, they can obtain much of their nutrition from eating weeds and pasture greens, and they’re lovely creatures.  You know how we like pasturing our animals! Continue reading “New Farm Denizens: White Chinese Geese”

Beware The Super-Broody: These Girls Mean Business


It’s that time of year – the ducks have been laying lots of eggs, and when they’ve laid a clutch, they want to try to hatch them (and they’re exceptionally good at it). When one goes broody, and interesting phenomenon occurs: the broodiness seems to be contagious. So what happens when several ducks go broody and they all want the same nest box? They sardine into it. Never mind that there are other boxes, just as nice, that are available. They want that one special box.

That’s right: three ducks crammed themselves into a single nest box. Our nest boxes are jumbo hooded cat litter pans, normally very roomy for a single occupant. It’s even comfortable for two ducks, should they decide to be roommates. But three is pushing it – see how they’re stacked? Continue reading “Beware The Super-Broody: These Girls Mean Business”