Mr. Fox Is ‘Persona Non Grata’ Here

We know that free-range chickens risk predation by many other animals, but the fox(es?) has been whittling down our flock with annoying enthusiasm. We lost the last Partridge Rock on New Year’s Eve, and the only Cuckoo Marans (the dark brown egg layer) yesterday. Now, the flock numbers ten.

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Is That What I Think It Is? (Finding A Duck Egg)

Duck_Egg_CoopIt was a welcome surprise to spy a duck egg in the coop this morning – research online and in books indicated that Muscovies can take as long as 7 to 9 months to lay their first egg, and that if it’s winter when they would normally start laying, they may skip laying entirely until spring. We have four ducks and a drake, about 6 months old now. Continue reading “Is That What I Think It Is? (Finding A Duck Egg)”